Tips for Combating Stressed Out Hair

It may come as no surprise to you that stress affects your body. Not only can it wreak havoc on your waistline, it also can mess with your sleep patterns, eating habits and can lead to dehydration. All of these by-products of stress ultimately are reflected in your skin, nails and yes you guessed it, your hair.

The lives we lead these days are jam packed with stressful situations -- at work, at home, with our goals -- not to mention the stress that pollution and unhealthy eating inflict on our bodies too! How does healthy hair even stand a chance? 

I've put together a few tips that I hope prove helpful for you all:

  1. Drink Plenty of Water - Being stressed out literally sucks the life out of you. Water escapes from the pores of our skin and hair leaving it looking dry and dull.
  2. Get Regular Treatments - Sometimes stress is inescapable; it has become a part of our lives - and that's not necessarily always a bad thing (some stress motivates you to push through tough situations or to accomplish new goals). Learning tips to help your hair throughout stressful situations is vital to making you feel like your best self. Which after all is really important in helping you to achieve those goals!
  3. Trim, trim, trim. - The one thing women like me dread hearing. All I want to do is grow my hair long and yet it is the one thing that seems unattainable. Why? Breakage. The never ending cycle of damaged hair that isn't trimmed (or treated for that matter :\ ). You've got to be honest with yourself and give your hair what it needs. If you don't, it may never heal properly and will keep splitting shorter and shorter. Your choice. Also, not because I'm biased, but from my own experience... Let your stylist trim your hair. 🙂
  4. Use a heat protectant blow dry cream - Excessive use of blowdryers and flat irons are are a part of the majority of women's hairstyle routines. Using a leave in like L'Oreal Professionel's Absolut Repair can help protect your hair from damage when styling.
  5. Breathe. Move. Laugh. - Maintaining a healthy "stressed out / totally relaxed" ratio plays a big role in the health of your hair. Releasing stress through meditation, yoga, exercise and laughter can help combat the residual effects of stress.

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xo Nea