New Color Trends with Sara

We all have a "bad hair day" from time to time. We end up putting it in a messy bun or end up wearing it under a hat. But we all know how completely sexy we feel when we have our hair done "right".

A botched hair job can be a very painful experience, it can cause serious stress, depression and loss of confidence! Your hair may also weaken and snap off, which then becomes very dry, brittle and unmanageable. Over - processed hair is a very common source of complaints against hairdressers.

But switching up your hair color is never as simple as pointing at a model on the front of a hair dye box and proclaiming, "I want THAT"

In fact, it's less about the hair color you like, and more about what hair color your skin likes. The perfect hair color will not only complement your skin tone and make your best facial features pop, it can also help you look years younger.

Whether you're looking for a completely new look or just want to breathe fresh life into your current color, I have all the new trends to help you achieve your desired look.

Balayage - A hair coloring technique that continues to grow in popularity. Instead of classic foil highlights, balayage is color applied straight from a board onto the hair, so that it gives a graduated, natural-looking affect. Consider it "colorist- freehand". The balayage technique is a great idea if you want to go lighter, darker or even grey.

Grey/ Silver  hair - Our newest obsession. The grey hair trend has been taking the internet by storm. As you know, nowadays grey hair is not a sign of age anymore. It looks good on both mature and young women. Strands of grey hair compliment blonde tones or darker hues.

Ombre - hair color that is generally darker at the roots through to the mid shaft and then gradually gets lighter towards the ends.

Sombre - a softer take on the ombre. Hair still goes from dark to light, but is less intense than the ombre and uses two or more colors.

Rainbow Hair -  This is a trend we are seeing more and more of; it ranges from bright, primary colors to some amazing pastel combinations.

Dip Dye - This technique is one of the hottest trends right now. Dip die is actually being done on natural hair with bright colors only applied to the tips of the strands.

Denim hair - We've moved on from electric blue and pastel blue to something in between that gives wearing double denim a run for its money. Denim hair color is based on texture, highlights and lowlights. A dark blue shade can be paired with light blue or even mint highlights to create a balayage effect.

These are all the hottest trends for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons, I can't wait to see you!

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