Hair Products and Styles for Women on-the-go!

Hey guys! This post was inspired by today's messy bun look (which by the way is totally overused on my part!) While a messy bun can be a super cute way of styling less than ideal hair, it's nice to be able to switch it up a bit for those of us who struggle with hair-dos each morning.

My hair is naturally unruly, which means if I want to wear it out I've got to blow dry and flat press it -- two things that take up valuable time in the morning - especially if you've got a lot of hair! Also, having to blow dry and flat press means we're exposing our hair to tons of heat damage - something to be avoided for those of us trying to grow our hair out.

I took a trip down to Sunshine Company today to see what styling products would be an option for women like me, that would not only make doing my hair easier, but also help my hair at the same time. It turns out, L'Oreal Professional has a few different lines that really intrigued me. We swear-by their Mythic Oil line and definitely recommend it for those wanting to put moisture and shine back into their hair. But they also have just about every styling product you could ever want, to suit every need you may have.

For the morning gym-goer 

 L'Oreal Professionnel Volumetry SOS Dry Shampoo

If you work out in the morning then you probably have a love/hate relationship with the term "sweating it out". As in, sweating your freshly washed and pressed hair out right back into curls. Instead of having to repeat the wash, dry, straighten process all over again, the Volumetry Dry Shampoo sucks up all that moisture and gives hair a little extra oomph until you have the proper time to devote to it. Bonus** it comes in an adorable travel size perfect for gym bags!

For those repeatedly hitting the snooze button 

 L'Oreal Professionnel Next Day Hair

Do you love those extra 10...20...30 minutes of sleep in the morning? Do you also wish you had more time to use your curling iron? Try Next Day Hair. "This mineral powder fixing spray has a fine diffusion to add a texturised effect and a careless messy finish." ( The powder of this hair spray never builds up so it won't weigh hair down, but instead will give it a tousled, lustrous look. Spray it onto clean hair from roots to ends and scrunch! Voila! Quick curls. This product is also a great option to transition from Friday at work to afterwork drinks.


For those who live in hot climates

L'Oreal Professionnel Shower Shine

In the summer months in Bermuda, its so much easier to rock a ponytail, and for women like me with frizzy hair, its's almost the only option. To wear a ponytail, hairspray is usually mandatory to hold those frizzies in place, but hairspray dries out hair even more, and with the summer sun beating down, you are twice as likely to get breakage from pulling your hair up every day. Shower Shine is an awesome alternative to hairspray. It gives hair that "wet-look", keeps it in place and adds a moisture barrier that will keep your strands from drying out.  This product is the perfect addition to your high ponytail or high bun look to keep your hair looking polished. 

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Thanks for reading, hope your found this helpful!

xo Nea